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Why support the arts?
The importance of the arts for social cohesion has been well-documented. Nevertheless, donations to the arts make up only a fraction of the amount given to social causes. Your support can strengthen your community from within.

Why support Video Power?
We started Video Power to address a need: to support independent filmmakers and make them feel they are part of a community. It can be quite challenging to earn a living when there’s often nothing tangible or “analog” to sell. Independent film is really a labour of love.

Our aim for the future is to help create business models for independent filmmakers, allowing them to develop their skills and tell the stories that are vital to our community. We are a small organisation run by passionate cultural entrepreneurs - no red tape, company cars or stock options. Your support, small and large, enables us to stay independent and innovative - and it really helps us to keep in mind that our work is appreciated.

Interested? Contact Tim or Hans to discuss the possibilities.