What does Video Power do?
We are a non-profit organisation that produces and distributes independent film of any kind.

What kind?
Video art, documentaries, fiction, installations, you name it.

How do you decide what films to produce?
Most films are selected via pitches that are organised three times a year. We occasionally initiate our own projects.

How can I apply for the pitch?
Feel free to contact us for an informal appointment.

What are the conditions to pitch?
You need an idea that is not promoting anything else, and the willingness to develop it with us.

Any other conditions?
You need to be able to produce your film with the resources available to Video Power. You also need to be passionate about the idea and willing to work as part of a team.

Do I have to be in Maastricht to work with Video Power?
Not necessarily, although you need to be present for the pitch. Feel free to discuss the options with us.

I don’t have any filmmaking experience, am I eligible?

Is it for free?

How does the pitch work?
Each participant has seven minutes to present their idea to an independent jury, followed by eight minutes of discussion. Use of images, video and audio is permitted.

When will I know the result?
The jury announces the result and their feedback an hour after the pitches.

How can I prepare for the pitch?
We’ll give you some tips. We also organise a test pitch one week before the ‘real’ one to give you constructive feedback on the presentation.

What kind of help will I receive if I am selected?
Coaching, equipment, a small budget and help with distribution. The exact package is determined before the pitch, based on the needs of the film.

What’s in it for me?
Free professional coaching and feedback. A great opportunity for networking. The chance to win valuable resources and have your work distributed internationally.

What are my obligations if I work with Video Power?
To be honest with us, communicative and to finish the film.

How much influence will Video Power have in my project?
The filmmaker has full artistic freedom within the time and resources available to the project. The specifics are openly discussed and agreed upon in advance.

I have an idea, but it is not polished. Can I discuss it with you?
Of course! Feel free to make an appointment or drop by at our monthly Table Session at Centre Ceramique.

Once the film is done, will I be able to distribute it and/or sell it?
Yes. We use an artist-friendly distribution contract. Feel free to inquire.

How does the distribution work?
Together we determine a distribution strategy specific for the film, making use of Video Power’s international network. Possible destinations are film festivals, exhibitions, museums, television programs, film programs curated by Video Power and online platforms.

I made a film myself, can you distribute it?
Unfortunately that is not possible at the moment.

Can I rent your equipment?
Yes, we do occasionally rent out our equipment. Feel free to inquire.

I need a producer / coach. Can I hire you?
Depends on the project. Feel free to inquire.

Is it possible to do an internship at Video Power?
Yes. Please contact us to discuss the options.