Power Production #04


Oscar Santillan

Video Art, Experimental, Performance, Dance  | 12:30 min | 2013

'A Hymn' registers on camera a live piece in which a performer warms up and exercises. Once she arrives to the point of total exhaustion a second unexpected moment unveils as a drummer hits the drums every time a drop of her sweat touches the ground.

‘A Hymn’ recalls Mary’s suffering. Artists search for a forgotten soul, a safe refuge, a new relation to the body and the senses. And thus they prove the surprising spiritual correspondences between early modern art and the art of today.
— Curator Ardi Poels

Work by Oscar Santillan
Performer: Inga Meldere / Drummer: Kiki Beemer
Camera: Daan Milius and Oscar Santillan
Production: Tim Rutten and Hans van Hezik

Thanks to: Eline Schmeets, Paul Bailey, Charlotte Lagro and Judith Bruijnzeels