Spring update

Wow, where to start? A lot of films have been finished recently and they’ve been doing great. Stéphanie Lagarde’s Deployments is a smash hit, racking up festival selections and winning the international competition at Short Waves Festival. Papieren Land (Marie van Vollenhoven & Shahib Sidow) is touring Europe too, notching up award nominations in Leipzig, Kassel and Brussels on the way. IFFR premiered Matthew Wilson’s Within the temple without, while Beny Wagner’s Outside was shown in Moscow at MIEFF and joined Deployments at November Film Festival in London. Jan van Opstal’s documentary Speak Out! had its avant-premiere at Docfest in Maastricht. Last but not least, Michiel Ubels’ Dating Applicatie won best short documentary at the Limburg Film Festival and was screened at Eindhoven Film Festival, together with Papieren Land, Outside and Hello Joe.

We were also very proud to celebrate our fifth anniversary with an eight-film Video Power program at the Festival de Cine Internacional de Gijón in November! Our very own Rosa Vrij and Claudia Sánchez Jiménez introduced the program to the audience.

Several films are about to be finished. Andrea Canepa’s The Tale of the Mass, the Grid and the Mesh and Stéphanie Lagarde’s Rocky Tales of Occupation are receiving the last tweaks. Ready for distribution: Jonathan Lee’s boxing film If my hands don’t function, Lienke Roos’ Tweespraak, Ria van Montfort’s As the clock ticks away and Lacrimal Events by Magali Coremans, Jill Verhaeghe &  Elies Van Renterghem

Video Power