Loop Barcelona Report

LOOP Barcelona is a yearly event studying and promoting video art consisting of a fair, a festival and side activities. This year’s edition took place from 18-27 May. We were happy to visit the event with a large delegation: Hans van Hezik (producer), Rosa Vrij (distribution) and three members of Maastricht University’s Premium team: Anne Scheffler,  Sulina Tans and Juliana Velandia Gomez.

The fair took place at a luxurious hotel, where many of the rooms host a gallerist presenting video works. Collectors, artists or regular visitors would be watching the film while making themselves comfortable on the hotel furniture or even laying on the bed, creating an intimate atmosphere.

One of the fair's highlights was ‘M3x3’ by Analivia Cordeiro (1973), a work that is considered as the first video artwork in Brazil. The video portrays a computer generated choreography consisting of a number of fixed positions, executed by nine performers in a space marked by a grid. The choreography, costumes, architecture, rhythm and camera angles merge into an entity in which the system overpowers the individual. 

The festival focused on the theme ‘Winding the clock back: a contemporary archeology of video art’ and was spread out over different locations in the city center. This program was enriched by interviews with artists that had a great influence on the development of video art and were ahead of their time, such as Chip Lord and Mary Lucier. 

The Loop organization was of great help, inviting our Premium Team to several of the private professional meetings. We look back on the event with great memories and are looking forward to the next edition! In the meantime, keep an eye on Loop's website, as it will feature several of the event's videos soon. http://loop-barcelona.com

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