A film by Stéphanie Lagarde (website)

2018 | French | 16 min | Digital Video | Color | Stereo | 25fps

Déploiements deals with the practice of control, both physically and symbolically. The video draws a parallel between two types of simulation: a team of fighter pilots mentally preparing for an air show, and a piece of software that simulates the behavior of an angry crowd.

The French Air Force is the figurehead of domestic security and military operations abroad. We see its best fighter pilots hunched in office chairs while immersed in subtle hand gestures and code words. Juxtaposed are images of crowd control software used by the police to study riots. Flag-coloured smoke demarcates the state's airspace, imprinting its military agility into the minds of citizens whose movement is strategically restricted by police formations. Power, it seems, is a game of being seen and being invisible: being present and being absent at the right moment.


2018 The State is not a Work of Art - Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn, Estonia.

2018 Unfair18 - Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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