A project by Nina Glockner.

2019 | Digital Video | Color | 25fps

In the ongoing video research Portrait of a Collective Body, Nina Glockner questions how the human body is determined by its surroundings. How does spatial organisation affect a body's experience of self and how is this self expressed in that space? Through movement, reflections and memories, these selves become expressions of a collective body, a narrative in which each body plays a part.

LEVI (18’)

While hearing one person reflecting on his own body parts in 'Portrait of a Collective Body (Levi)', the camera depicts a subtle intimate choreography of an unconscious body language. Being an active dancer aware of his own physicality, and in transition from woman to man, change and limitations of a body are articulated.

ANAND (12’)

In 'Portrait of a Collective Body (Anand)', a 4-year-old boy moves through an urban landscape: an architectural lost-glory of 70s-utopia in Paris but first and foremost the place where he is growing up. By physically relating to specific architectural elements based on his personal score, he directs the camera and embodies the potentiality of seemingly unchangeable public structures.


In ‘Under, with, through, off’ I capture the movements of a dancer improvising a choreography of the body in relation to a grid-like structure attached to her body. This structure impedes but at the same time provokes her movements and determines their form. The dancer’s well-trained suppleness with which she accommodates her ballast contrasts with her audible reflections, a self-scan of her body: she articulates pain, effort and a constant self-evaluation.

Exhibitions & Screenings:

2019 Open Studios - Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht (NL)

2019 “It Happens Anyway” - W139 (W139.nl), Rotterdam (NL)

2019 Musrara Mix Festival, Tel’aviv (IL)

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